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pamela belyea, M.Ed.

Licensed architect and co-founder|director emerita of Seattle’s Gage Academy of Art, Pamela works with you, artist or art collector, to thoughtfully and strategically plan your cultural legacy. Pamela combines her decades of experience as a design professional and non-profit administrator with her cultural connections to develop a meaningful vision that fulfills your personal aspirations.

Her services include:

·     Codifying your cultural passions and writing guidelines for your gift intentions

·     Inventorying your artwork collection: value, provenance, insurance and storage details; recording which assets are intended for inclusion in your cultural giving plan

·     Securing appraisals, if required, and vendors, if you desire to liquidate artworks as part of your gifting strategy

·     Researching potential cultural organizations and gift vehicles, such as a named scholarship fund, that match your legacy objectives

·     Communicating with your selected institutions--universities, museums, foundations, library archives and cultural nonprofits--regarding your gift planning

·     Working with your estate lawyer or tax accountant to consider the tax advantages of different gifting strategies. 

·     If desired, writing and publishing a website or Wikipedia page that highlights your lifetime accomplishments

·     Overseeing the details of executing your legacy plan from artwork installation to design of donor plaques.

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